Who’s Doing What In The FWSA?


Tom Biles: Tom has a new website for his music, demos, videos and more…

Brad Davis: Brad has been tracking a record for multiple artist at blackbird studios in Nashville all last week, I was back there in August for seven days to track lead GUITAR. I have been Writing with cowriter Steve Trudell for this record project for the country market with two female vocalist, and two male vocalist. Heavily funded, pretty interesting project called Yall’s generation.

Theodore Henning II: Theodore’s latest CD is Just “Some Stuff” featuring iconic Mineral Wells tribute song “Crazy Water” and “Baker Hotel Blues” along with an eclectic mix of folk and Americana tunes. You can find his recorded music at Be sure to follow his blog at

Allen Hurt: Allen Hurt and his band, “The Music Showmen” have just begun the first leg of their new Nostalgia Tour, featuring songs from Allen's newest album “A Better Road” along with his recent single, “You're There to Hold Me” that was reviewed by Central Texas Living, television host Ann Harder in Waco Texas.  Upcoming shows on the tour will feature dates in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.  For more information on concert dates, tickets, music and recent news, visit Allen's website at

Dave Laurence: Dave is seeking Texas dates for fall and winter. Email

Rob Owen: Rob will be returning back from Thailand in October and is looking forward to participating in open mic sessions. He produced and released 3 new videos that can be viewed on his YouTube channel. The songs are located at Rob Owen - YouTube and include his songs "I'm Going Back to Texas", "Send You Home", and the song “Palo Duro Wall” composed by songwriter and keyboardist, Michael Conner. For more information on Rob's music, check him out on Reverbnation at

Proud Country: (Rhonda McCullough & Taylor Bonham): 9/8 at The Lake House, Fort Worth, 8 PM; Stockyard Stage (Date to be posted) Fort Worth, 4:30 PM; 9/23 - Old Bolivar Station Songwriters Festival, Revival Stage, Sanger TX at 3 PM.

John Terry:  John reports a very productive trip to Nashville with 8 new songs finished or “well on their way”, along with 3 performances in songwriter rounds; he will be return to Nashville in October. John is always open to co-writing with other FWSA members; if interested, contact him at For more of his music, visit

Steven Troum:Doc Roc” and The Troumatics" - Doc Roc was recently the main guest on episode 154 of the Fort Worth Roots podcast (on You Tube).  The Troumatics just had 4 songs accepted into rotation on KUZU out of Denton and continue to have several songs in rotation on KTCU. Next shows are at the Magnolia Motor Lounge on 9/23 and 10/7 at Harvest House (Denton).

Wayne Willingham: Wayne was named one of the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s “Ones to Watch” for May, following an evaluation of his song, “Who Gets the Love”.

Gus Wolman: Currently, Gus is working to build a music ministry out in East Texas. He is also working with Will Gunnell on a school shooting song called "You're Coming Home With Me Tonight" . . . the song is on YouTube. Fact is that there is no question that we need to send thoughts and prayers, but the Lord needs US to find the solutions, and do something with them. This Aggie’s idea is to utilize drones to supervise who goes into a school building. The sophiscated equipment utilized today can tell if a person that is approaching a school has any "significant metal" on their entire body. If so, the drone will alert the school, facilitate "lock down command", and continue to observe, and provide further info until the situation is cleared".

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FWSA offers several showcase opportunities each year (our goal is quarterly showcases), and various “Special Events”, such as Fort Worth’s Mayfest and also, provide performance opportunities.
To be considered for one of these events, you must have indicated an interest on your application form. Not sure? Has your interest changed? You can change your “eligibility status” at any time, simply by contacting FWSA via email at

Only original songs are allowed at FWSA showcase events; guest performers are welcome, as are backing or additional instrumentalists, although “full band” performances may not be allowed due to set-up time and other restrictions, such as venue or stage size.

Special Events may or may not be restricted to original songs; some events actually request a
mixture of original and cover songs, based on their expected audience. As with showcases,
guest performers are usually welcomed, although full band performances may not be allowed.
These events are a major form of publicity for FWSA, and we always want to “put our best foot
forward”...we can do this, with your help, by professional behavior on the part of our participants, by promoting FWSA along with your own appearance, and by strong performances of your best songs!

So, if you haven’t been invited to participate, but would like to be considered...please let us know at