Who’s Doing What at the FWSA?

Cathy Baldwin: DaCat Music has launched a video service that covers everything from CAGED to Work for Hires. You can download free documents and watch informative videos for Songwriters and Musicians. Visit Cathy’s website, and select “free downloads”.

Allen Hurt: For more information on music and concert dates visit

Proud Country (Rhonda McCullough & Taylor Bonham:  6/6—Rhinestone Saloon, Fort Worth, 6 PM; 6/7—Pearl’s Dancehall & Saloon, Fort Worth, 9 PM; 6/8—Hemingway's Crafthouse, Graford, TX, 7PM; 6/14—Railhead Smokehouse BBQ, Willow Park, TX, 7 PM; 6/15—Fort Worth Stockyards Stage, 4:30 PM; 6/16—Rodeo Exchange Club, Fort Worth, 2 PM. Proud Country has a new single out, called “Working Man”; it is available on all digital media outlets - Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, etc.

Rick Ritz: Rick has updated his website to include new award-winning songs,
“Heartland” (Rick Ritz) and “Fourth of July” (Rick Ritz, John Terry)

Janet Stanford: Has released a new single, “Slow Down”; a link can be found under “New Releases” on her website, Janet has also released a music video for her song, “In These Times”, which can be found on Bing Videos; the video for “Slow Down” can also be found at She has CDs available for sale, if desired. Janet’s artist website is

John Terry: 6/18 - Tuesday, Commodore Grille, Nashville, 8:15 with Nashville Songwriters Showcase; 6/20 - Commodore Grille, 8:30 pm with Debi Champion's Songwriter Nights; 6/21, Commodore Grille, 9 pm with Nashville Songwriters Showcase.  John is always open to co-writing with other FWSA members; if interested, contact him at  For more of his music, visit

Steven Troum: Their album “Watch Me Burn” is now available to stream for free as part of the Fort Worth Library’s Amplify817 program ( The Troumatics’ new single, “Why This World” is now available and joins “Cigarette Love” as their first offerings since their first album came out. Both were produced by Todd Pipes at Phantom Power Studios with “All These Forces” set to drop 5/11/2024. They are also working with producer/engineers Joe Tackje and Peter Wierenga on a few new songs as well. You can follow them on Instagram (@troumatics) and

Rex Williams: 5/16:  Rex performed at the Farr Best Theater in Mansfield TX during the monthly Open Mic event. It was a small, but enthusiastic crowd; 5/18—Rex participated in the “Singing for Sulphur” benefit concert in Valley View TX, playing both piano and guitar. 

Wayne Willingham:  6/14 - Boulevard Brew, 5406 River Oaks Boulevard, River Oaks,; the new owner is really trying to live music work, and treats the performers very well.

Gus Wolman: Gus continues to be very concerned about streams, which continue to steal songwriters' intellectual property. He is currently writing a book entitled “Getting Past the Past”, which will include a section called “Smashville – how I worked for 20 years in Nashville, only to be cheated by the music world monsters” to illustrate how daunting the music world appears from the outside as streaming services steal and make money of the hard work of others; Gus is working with Christian Faith Publishing, the world’s largest Christian publishing firm. Gus has songs, “Mom’s Blue Envelope” and “Real Men Do Cry” on musical platforms, but the songs are not featured on any playlists.

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