Who’s Doing What In The FWSA?



Kavin Allenson - Kavin hosts an acoustic song circle at Boulevard Brew in River Oaks, every Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00pm. Unplugged.  This is an any genre song swap in a comfortable, living room setting with awesome coffee and tea drinks!  5406 River Oaks Blvd.

Michael Anderson - Michael has been playing Bass with local Texas Music Songwriter Terry Rasor promoting Terry's latest CD release "On Fire" at various venues in Texas. Michael has shows coming up the first two Saturdays in October. On Saturday, Oct 1st, Michael will be MC and performing for the Pioneer Days Celebration for the Doss Heritage Center Log Cabin Village from 10 am till 4 pm. Michael will be performing at the Masonic Family Day Festival and Chili Cook Off on Saturday October 9th, a great Family event. Michael has finished his newest compilation of his latest original songs recorded at Patrick McGuire Recording Studio. The CD is called "Sacred Roots" and will be available as soon as it gets pressed. Check out Michael’s solo CD’s “Community Without Chaos” featuring all original material and "Walking the Beauty Way” CD. For more information on Michael’s music, contact him via email at or visit his website,

Judy Boots  - Judy will be hosting an front lawn  Gospel Music Showcase at the River Oaks Community Center in River Oaks on Sunday,  Oct 10th and Sunday, Nov 14th, from 4p.m - 7p.m.  30-minute performance time slots are still available for the November 14th show; other details TBA.  Original songs, covers and backing tracks are allowed.  For more information, please contact the River Oaks Community Center @ (817) 732 - 5885 or Judy Boots @ (817) 475 - 0092

Theodore A. Henning II - Theo has completed a new demo CD titled, “Just Some Stuff”, an eclectic mix of original tunes including two songs iconic for Mineral Wells, Texas; Crazy Water and Baker Hotel Blues. The CD or individual songs can be purchased at as well as through streaming services. Additionally, Theo’s latest project is the release of his novel “The Sauwastika Enigma”, a treasure hunting mystery offered at in both eBook and paperback. If you ever wondered why George Langelaan wrote “The Fly”, you’ll find out in his book!

David Nix -   David just returned from Alaska with new songs, and needs help with melody put to his lyrics.

 John TerryJohn has finished work on 2 demo CDs, “All By Myself” (solo writes) and “With a Little Help From My Friends” (co-writes); any bands or artists looking for original material are invited to contact him at to obtain copies.  John Terry's song, "God's Been Laughing at Me", co-written with Bobby Terry, is on Max Flinn's debut CD, "Meant to Be". Max's single of "God's Been Laughing at Me" reached #74 on the Texas Regional Radio Report in early 2020.  John's song, "Grandma's Washing Machine" was recorded by the Rocky Lott Band, and can be found on

Stephen Troum – “Doc Roc” released his song, “Should Have Kissed You” recorded with his band, the Troumatics, was released digitally on iTunes and all streaming platforms on 9/25/21, making it the 4th song the band has released in the past 3 months. He continues to work with Todd Pipes (most famous for the 1990’s hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) recording new material at Phantom Power Studios. Singles will continue to be released over the next 6 months. The band has already played Fort Worth venues Magnolia Motor Lounge, Lola’s Trailer Park, The Post at River East, and Main At South Side (aka MASS) this summer. Futures shows TBA. Follow the band on Instagram (@troumatics) or our Facebook page. And go check out the new releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, etc.

Gus Wolman - Gus A. Wolman, III - Gus, has closed shop at WCCMP for good, this time, due primarily to health concerns and "STREAMS". Gus wants to thank his wife, Lisa, for her support and her "hands on" help. Lisa tracked each song pitched to all artists and created the AWESOME looking discs that we sent to hundreds of to Nashville and indie targets.  Gus has worked with the FWSA for 20 years, and feels like Rob and several other key players have the association on the right track, by listening to the actual "song", and discounting the performance. After all, "not every songwriter wants to be an artist, which is why many writers have joined FWSA in the first place”.  Gus' song, "Mom's Blue Envelope", was released internationally, and is on iTunes and Amazon (as performed by Laurie Shaw, of Banner Records).  It charted on Europe's "Hot Disc Chart" for eight weeks in a row . . . with its peak at #8 . . . however, "streams" robbed 99% of all revenues.  Gus feels strongly that streams are a cancer that needs to be fixed and fixed soon!!  Gus will continue to be a member because he loves music, and he loves the FWSA. Gus and Lisa pray for good health for each member and their families, especially during these most troubled times.  Peace and God's Grace!!