Our Story

You can read our information and you can read our mission statement.  That tells you a lot about the Fort Worth Songwriters' Association.  We have been around since 1992, which is no easy accomplishment for a non-profit organization.   In fact, FWSA just celebrated its 30-year anniversary in August 2022!
But, what this does not tell you is about the people that make up this association.  We are just like you.  We love music, we play music, we write music, and we know the value of music.  They say the only difference between a songwriter and a crazy person is that the songwriter will write down the voices that he/she hears and try to make music from it.  We care about keeping the music alive, especially original music here in Texas.

We are not in competition with Branson, Nashville or any other music capital.  We believe in the music.  Nobody will win if we don't keep an open mind and accept music as an art form.  This is who we are.  We welcome all comers, all genres, all musicians, lyric writers, and poets.

We are a music organization that promotes original music in a positive light.  We share our knowledge with others in workshops, gatherings, and open mics.  We are the Fort Worth Songwriters' Association, and we believe in music, artists, and helping each other achieve our goals.  Take care and keep the music growing.