2024 Song Contest is Rapidly Approaching!

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2023 Song Contest is now history!

FWSA member Darren Wiedman received the special Grand Prize—a Master Recording by Nashville songwriter/producer, Denny Martin.  According to Mr. Martin, this is an “augmented guitar/piano/vocal” recording, with percussion and limited additional instrumentation and vocals. Either the writer/winner or a hired vocalist can be used for the recording by providing a Master recording, rather than a simple demo, the writer(s) will own all rights to the recording—it can be used as a demo or as a commercial product.

Each of the category winners was entered into a random drawing for the Grand Prize. The recording can be applied to any song chosen by the winning songwriter; it does not have to be the contest song.

First Place Winners are listed in alphabetical order by song title:

A Lovely Rendezvous - Mitch Fenner

Angel of Mercy - John Terry and Bobby Terry

Be Careful What You Pray For - Rickey Tate

Gilligan's Island - John Terry and Alvaro Villareal

What I Need to Do - Allan Peterson

Why - Darren Wiedman

LYRICS ONLY Winner:  Jack Daniels or King James - Darren Wiedman

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