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Your Personal Web Page:  Read the Instructions Below - Send the Information to webmaster@fwsa.com and Get Online!  Do it Now!

As a member of the FWSA, you are encouraged to use the Member-Page as another means of publishing information about your songwriting interests and musical/performance skills. This is not necessarily a BIO but rather, a place where you can list up to 10 of your copyrighted original song titles/lyrics and up to 5 original recorded and copyrighted song tracks. Complete the form below and submit. Once your membership status is validated an email will be sent to your listed email address on which you can return with up to 5 copyrighted song tracts, the lyrics for each song as well as 3 to 5 pictures suitable for placing on your member page... we'll take care of posting your information.  For consistency purposes, the page color and font cannot be changed at this time.

NOTE:  The primary limitation on the Member Page is that each FWSA member is only allocated one (1) page.  Additional Pages may be available at a later date.  An example a Member Page is provided as the MEMBER PAGE below.  MEMBER PAGES are listed in the order when received by the webmaster.  We'll go alphabetical once more members choose to utilize the Member-Page:


Rick Ritz

Theodore A Henning II

Rick Tate

Janet Stanford

Alan Beauvais