Certificate of Recognition from Governor Abbott to the Fort Worth Songwriters' Association for 25 years of service providing, educating, and promoting music in Texas.





Hello fellow songwriters!

I am at a decision point and in need of your opinions.  It has become obvious to me from your absence at some of our functions that FWSA may not be meeting the specific needs of our members.  Mos of you are too polite to mention this to us, but we want to try to help our membership.  I have been scheduling our monthly meeting workshops and we have been having a good turn out and great discussion; however, our current venue are not necessarily the best available or best suite for our meetings.  Date and location conflict with many of the venues, so FWSA is willing to look at changes either in day or the week, and location of venue, and activity.  Thursday are popular and I have had difficulty scheduling consistent quality venues for our workshop discussion, including guest speaker.

I know some of our members would like a jam session before the song evaluation meeting, or, in addition to our open mic.  I am open to what better suits our membership.  I know we are “FWSA” meaning “Fort Worth”, so if anyone knows of a closed meeting room available somewhere in the middle of our membership area, please let us know or reach out to me via email at contact@fwsa.com on the website.  We have even been open to a home jam session if anyone feels so inclined?  Typically, we need seating for up to 20, and a closed off room, similar to No Frills Grill, Spring Creek BBQ, or even a hotel conference room.  FWSA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-deductible donation which may help persuade the venue.  Any ideas?  Also, your membership includes the use of our website and newsletter to post your schedule or ask questions.  Our website is expanding, and your video recordings may be posted on our website along with links to your website for visitors to the FWSA site.

Rick Tate




Categories Announced for FWSA’s 2023 Song Contest! 

The contest won’t officially open for a few more months, but the FWSA Board of Directors has decided on the categories for the 2023 contest! More information, such as contest fees and rules, will be published as we get closer to the official start of the contest, so start thinking about what songs or lyrics you might want to enter.  More information on the Songwriting Contest Page.