Bare Bones Category

1st Place - Glad to See You Gone by Rick Tate
2nd Place - Sunset Down in Texas by Ron Wallace
3rd Place - I Don't Care by Rhonda McCullough

Lyric Only Category

1st Place - The Corner Cafe by William Kuhlmann
2nd Place - Live With the Pain by Diron Mills
   3rd Place - You Can't by Diron Mills


1st Place - Chrysanthemum by Kavin Allenson
2nd Place - When the Gods Talk by Michael Conner
3rd Place - Strolling on Sundance by Wayne Willingham

Studio Produced Category

       1st Place - Freedom Fighter - Tribute to Women
      in the Military by Rhonda McCullough
2nd Place - I Need to Be Somebody by Rose Jeffus/
          Connie Smith/Will Gunnell Jr.
         3rd Place - Keep Your Love Alive by Guy Huggins/Chris Behrens