Who’s Doing What In The FWSA?


Kavin Allenson Kavin Allenson has released his latest single as well as a B-Side instrumental remix! A topical track fusing hip hop, funk and blues riffs, with skewering lyrics about a certain Lieutenant Governor. “Lt. Dan (More Important Things Than Living)” is available on Bandcamp at

Michael Anderson - Michael has just finished his newest compilation of his latest original songs recorded at Patrick McGuire Recording Studio. The CD is called "Sacred Roots" and will be available as soon as it gets pressed.  Check out Michael’s solo CD’s “Community Without Chaos” featuring all original material and "Walking the Beauty Way” CD. For more information on Michael’s music you can call 817- 596-0550 or, go to www.reverbnation. com/michaelanderson4.

Tom Biles -  Tom is recording a Christmas record at Joe Musik studio in Sunnyvale TX. He's looking for bi-lingual singers / writers for a Spanish Christmas song. You can contact him at

Brad Davis -  Brad has a new single release and he is playing his new Alvarez 8 string guitar.  Check it out at

Damon Allen Gay -  North Texas is opening up and Damon Allen Gay is performing around the DFW area with his band, “The Guitombres”.  Join them at the famous Blue Ostrich Winery in Saint Jo, Texas for a Fourth of July Celebration!  Also, check their calendar for performances near you at

Theodore A. Henning II - Theo has completed a new demo CD titled, “Just Some Stuff”, an eclectic mix of original tunes including two songs iconic for Mineral Wells, Texas; Crazy Water and Baker Hotel Blues. The CD or individual songs can be purchased at as well as through streaming services. Additionally, Theo’s latest project is the release of his novel “The Sauwastika Enigma”, a treasure hunting mystery offered at in both ebook and paperback. If you ever wondered why George Langelaan wrote “The Fly”, you’ll find out in his book! 

John Terry -  John will be performing most Wednesdays at the Crowman Jam, Oasis Bar & Grill in Midlothian; music starts at 7 PM.

Stephen Troum -  Dr. Stephen “Doc Roc” Troum’s band “The Troumatics” now have a song on iTunes and Spotify. “You’re Just a Monkey” which is the song that got 3rd place in the “studio-other” category of the 2019 FWSA song contest. He has also been posting videos: “The Troumatics Song of the Day” on The Troumatics Facebook page.  The videos are of him performing solo renditions of their songs (many of which he’s played at FWSA open mics in the past).

Gus Wolman - WCCMP closed the publishing side of the business some time ago due to health concerns.  However, we continue to seek the right artist to bring Will Gunnell's school shooting song to the world. The name of the song is "You're Coming Home with Me Tonight".  This school shooting song was written and produced by Will Gunnell.  Will wrote the song from the perspective of a "victim", which is extremely unique.  The song is hard hitting and references that "thoughts and prayers won't get it done" . . . which we view as a very positive statement.  While prayer is indeed "all powerful", and surely needed, the country has been ravaged by too many people who want to walk into a school and start killing students.  Will wrote this very important song to "raise awareness of school shootings", and we pray that it will.   Peace and God's Grace.