Who’s Doing What In The FWSA

Who’s Doing What in the FWSA?

Kavin Allenson -  Kavin is recording a new EP with his band Daryel Sellers and the Turners, which should be released later this summer.  Also, Kavin is performing with blues harp virtuoso Harry Hoggard as a duo called “Goat Yoga”, playing “American Acoustic” music, a mix of original songs and classic American rock and blues. They will be performing at Edge Coffeehouse (3980 Boat Club Rd. #117, Lake Worth) on August 2nd at 7pm. Come by and listen!

Brad Davis Brad will be out on tour from June 19th through August 22nd opening for Billy Bob Thornton and performing in his band.  For info, go to

Rob Owen - Rob’s song “Let’s Ride”, which won 1st Place in the “Lyric Only” category in the FWSA Songwriting Contest has now been put to music.  Rob will be performing the song soon at open mic night.  Rob latest CD single, “Send You Home” can be found at  For more information on Rob’s music, go to his website at www.6stringentertain or

John Terry - John will be playing on  7/11 - Skully's Saloon - Old Hickory, TN 7:30 PM (Nashville's Best Unsigned Writers' Night); 7/14 - Commodore Grille, 9 PM (Debi Champion's Writers' Night).  John's song, "God's Been Laughing at Me", co-written with his nephew, Bobby Terry, has been recorded by Houston artist, Max Flinn, and will be released as a single to Texas Radio. Also, John's song "Borrowed Time", co-written with Scott Voelkerding, which was a winning song in the FWSA 2018 Song Contest, is currently being featured on the Jeffrey Steele Songwriting Academy's Soundcloud page (Winter 2018 Songs).  ( demy)  John will be spending a week in Nashville during July, networking, writing songs, and performing.

Gus Wolman - While Gus has closed the publishing division of WCCMP, he continues to "help people through music". Currently, Gus is seeking a "Facebook Guru" to assist in getting a positive message school shooting song to market. The name of the song is "You're Coming Home with Me Tonight" (Will Gunnell – writer/producer).   “We have budgeted for a commission per digital sale”.  If you have an interest, please contact Gus at 903-356-3921/817-658-2979. You can hear a snippet of the song at  Please note that this song is on iTunes, CD Baby and our site . . . he is NOT streaming this song.