FWSA Song Contest Summary, Rules, and Entry Links


Lyric Only, Instrumental Only, Love/Relationship Song - Bare Bares, Love/Relationship Song - Studio Produced, Other - Bare Bones, Other - Studio Produced


Category Explanation:


Bare Bones is one vocal/one instrument only. 


Studio Produced includes more than one vocal or one instrument whether done in a professional studio or home produced.


A category must have entries from at least three different members, or it will be closed and entry fees will be refunded.


NOTE:  The “other” category is designated for songs that do not fall into any of the specific categories. 


Rules of Contest:


Opening date for the contest is July 1, 2019.  Payment, lyric sheets, and audio version of song must be uploaded no later than 11:59pm on the closing date of August 30, 2019.

Lyric sheets should contain only the title to the song – not the songwriter information.  Lyrics should be submitted in a typed format for judges to read.

Only members of the Fort Worth Songwriters’ Association are eligible to participate in the song contest.  Co-writers can be non-members.

Previous First Place winning songs in this contest cannot be resubmitted in any category.

The song contest is open to all original songs in any style or genre.


Links to Submit Entries for Song Contest (To Be Listed)

Studio Produced - Love/Relationships

Bare Bones - Love/Relationships

Studio Produced - Other

Bare Bones - Other

Instrumental Only

Lyrics Only 

Song Contest Credit Card Payment