From the Editor
The Music War Rages On!

I know some may disagree with what I am about to say, but it is time for me to vent a little about what I see is hap-pening in the music industry. The great thing about this country is the fact we all have an opinion and can express it freely and openly (at least for now).

Many of you may think I am going to vent about the record industry in general - I am not. We live in a capitalist society and everyone has the right to earn their money as they see fit (as long as it’s legal). Without the business side of music, many musicians, bands, performers or songwriters would have quit or abandoned their dreams and we would not have experienced some of the greatest musical moments of our lives.

If you think I’m going to bash public radio - I am not. If I don’t like the music blaring from my truck speakers, I can switch the channel or turn on my satellite radio. Again, public radio is a business and as a wise man once told me “music is on the radio to fill the space between commercials”. So, stop yelling at your radio as you drive and pay attention to the road.

If you think I am going to address this trivial conflict between Texas music and Nashville music - I am not. When are we going to realize one cannot exist without the other and we are all striving for the same goals? Successful Texas artists move to Nashville and successful Nashville artists move to Texas. Why do some people have to perpetuate the myth one is bet-ter than the other? Let it go, enjoy the music, and stop being a hater. Life is short.

Maybe you’re thinking I will discuss the present “country genre controversy” sweeping the country. Not even close. I’ve heard all the rumbles. “So and So” is not real country, because they rap and rock” or “they’re not country because they don’t wear cowboy hats and their hair is too long”. Well, ask Willie Nelson about long hair. You can’t remake a John-ny Cash or George Jones, so why even try? “So and So” is selling out stadiums and introducing a whole new generation to the country side of music. What is wrong with that? Music must evolve and change to stay alive. I wonder what my Mom thought the first time I listened to Jimi Hendrix?

You see, we worry too much about the small stuff in our lives and that takes away pieces from the big picture. Making and writing music is suppose to be fun. Somehow we all tend to dwell on the negatives, instead of the positives like holding a guitar, playing a song, creating a melody, performing to a crowd, or sharing our emotions in lyrical form. So, where is all the venting - you ask? You must have missed it.

Take care and keep the music growing.
Rob Owen


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