From the Editor

Wow!! March was a very busy month for the FWSA.
Between two open mics, a Monthly Songwriter Gathering, FWSA Creativity Group meeting, the Songwriters in the Round Concert, and the FWSA Quarter Auction fundraiser, it is time for us to take a breath - but only a short one.

The open mic night on March 16th was one of our best this year. We had 18 songwriters signed up to play, members and non-members, and the audience was packed. With some creative management, everyone signed-up got to perform and it was an evening of great music and perfect weather. The other events are in this newsletter so I won’t repeat what is already written.

This month, the FWSA will be involved in the Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival as an organization. We hope for a great outcome for future participation in this event. We are also looking at participating in MayFest 2015 in Fort Worth, but nothing is official yet.

It is important to our survival as an organization to get involved in community events, play at non-FWSA related venues, and network with other songwriters in the area. However, if we don’t mention the FWSA or let people know we exist it has all been a wasted opportunity. This leads me to my next point.

As many of you know, or don’t know, the FWSA is conducting a membership drive in 2015 (SEE DETAILS ON PAGE 4). I am sure we all know some songwriters or musicians who are not members of the FWSA. Let’s make contact with these people and let them know the benefits of becoming a member.

In addition, we have a new batch of t-shirts on sale in various color and sizes (SEE PAGE 6 FOR AVAILABILITY). You can purchase the t-shirts at one of our venues or you can contact us at and we can discuss payment and mailing costs if you cannot make any of our venues. I have worn my FWSA polo shirts to many outside venues and it is very good advertising for the organization.

I also want to mention our “Sound Bites” section of the newsletter. At the present time we have 102 members, but only 13 members have submitted information. This is a great opportunity for you to share what you’re doing and any music websites you would like to share.

In closing, I would like to personally thank all of our members for the support you have given our organization. Hope to see you down the road at one of our events.

Take care and keep the music growing.
Rob Owen